Everyone Matters to God . . . Help Make a Difference

Spirit Builders

Spirit Builders

We are skilled and amateur volunteers who address modest construction projects within the community while offering hope and encouragement in Christ-centered fellowship. We have spent the last year installing dozens of accessibility ramps, many for families with a loved one suffering from ALS.

Youth at ASP

Appalachia Service Project

Each summer we take approximately 200 youth and adults to Appalachia to help make homes warmer, safer, and dryer. If you want to change other’s lives and your change your life, you want to be a part of this effort.

A group of volunteers


The Jesse Lee Outreach Commission is a group of church participants who seek to make a positive impact in the world around us through efforts of social justice and responsibility. 

Greeting others

Committee of Twelve 

The Committee of 12 provides care for the church community. Volunteers are divided into 12 teams. Each team manages details for one month of the year. It’s a nice way to help and to meet others in the church.

SafeWalk Logo


Provides community support, hope, and help for the Danbury Women’s Center.

Laundry Love Logo

Laundry Love 

Thanks to the generosity of parishioners, Jesse Lee Memorial UMC is helping to bring Laundry Love to Danbury. Laundry Love of Greater Danbury (LLGD) helps our neighbors in need to clean their clothes and bedding on a regular basis. Thank you for helping to put our faith in action.

Dondo Orphanage

Dondo Orphanage 

Funding the building of and continued support for a home for orphaned children in Mozambique. This orphanage houses and provides a school for 47 children.

Pumpkin Patch 

Every Fall we sell pumpkins grown in the Navajo Nation. This Fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had a homemade pumpkin patch that raised funs to support Navajo COVID relief.