Laundry Love

 Thanks to the generosity of parishioners, Jesse Lee Memorial UMC is helping to bring Laundry Love to Danbury. Laundry Love of Greater Danbury (LLGD) helps our neighbors in need to clean their clothes and bedding on a regular basis. Thank you for helping to put our faith in action. Jesse Lee is one of 10 area faith communities actively supporting LLGD.

Pre Pandemic and after the conclusion of the Pandemic
Volunteers are able to help our guests locate available washers at the White Street Wash Laundromat. Each guest puts his or her own clothing and bedding into one or two washers while the volunteer adds detergent and pays for the machine(s) with a pre-paid card. When the clothes are washed, the guest transfers the clean clothes into a drier and the volunteer pays with the pre-paid card. Volunteers have an opportunity to chat with the guests while their laundry processes.


Laundry Love Volunteer