Prayer Wall

“God’s Spirit at work in ways seen and unseen” is not just a catchy title; it was a prayer someone posted on the Prayer Wall. It is also a powerful declaration of what is revealed when people come together to share what is on their minds, hearts and souls as they on the Jesse Lee Prayer Wall. This prayer was one of hundreds of prayers that were posted on or in the Jesse Lee Church Prayer Wall at King Lane and Main Street in Ridgefield, CT. The Prayer Wall goes up on this corner for two weeks in May from the 16th-30th. It comes up again from June 20-July 4, August 22-September 5 and from November 11-25th. 

The Prayer Wall was created to be a place where people could post prayers and others could lift those prayers up as well. It absolutely served that purpose well and was beautiful in its simplicity.

It also showcased the love and care that people in our community shared generously with one another.

From the public posts that the community shared in j2021, the lion’s share were prayers for healing and provision for friends and family. Prayers for health, for new babies, for children of all ages, for parents, aunts and uncles and spouses. There were prayers for those fighting drug and alcohol addiction, for those wrestling with mental illness and for those whose loved ones suffer from dementia. There were prayers from people who need jobs and countries like Brazil and India that are working hard to contain COVID. There were prayers for those who are in mourning, especially those who have lost loved ones due to COVID. There were prayers for the LGBTQ community and prayers for all people to be loved, seen, protected and supported.

There were many prayers asking God for help: prayers for direction and guidance, physical healing, a sense of purpose, friends, salvation, His presence with us, repentance of sins. People asked God to bless all of us with health and wellness in mind, body and spirit. There were prayers for peace to be within us and for our focus to remain on Him.

There were also a lot of prayers for peace, love, kindness and safety in the world, in the Middle East, in our country, in our town and for all people.

And there were prayers of gratitude for sunshine, community, graduates, confirmands, the freedom we enjoy, the return home of loved ones, for free choice, for all that we have and for the love that is felt for God.

These prayers spilled over onto social media with many posts about how much having a community that prays for one another means. Prayer requests were posted online by folks who live far away and local friends posted these prayers to the wall.

During each of the two week periods when the Prayer Wall was up, every prayer was recorded and prayed over. On the final day of each two-week period, the prayers were included in the Sunday service. Publicly posted prayers were read out loud and lifted up to God along with the private prayers by Pastor Bill Pfohl, the Prayer Wall Ministry and the congregation.

Prayer Wall
Prayer Wall
Prayer Wall

Here’s a look at some of the prayers that Ridgefielders are posting on the prayer wall at Main Street and King Lane. Please post your prayers to the wall as well. It will be up through May 30th.

Watching the Prayer Wall come together! A group effort full of spirit and love! 

Jesse Lee is reaching out to all in the community to join in sharing their prayers — Prayers of joy, prayers of concern, prayers of hope…and more.

We invite all members of our community to post their prayers on the Jesse Lee Prayer Wall at Main Street & King Lane between May 16-May 30.

If you prefer to keep your prayer requests private, you can write them on a piece of paper, fold them up and insert them into slots we have built into the base of the wall. These requests will remain confidential. The Jesse Lee Prayer Ministry will pray over all requests posted on or in the wall.

Prayer is a foundational piece of our faith. God calls us to pray for one another and carry each other’s burdens.

We have developed the Jesse Lee Church Prayer Wall to help us do that.

Knowing we will all face adversity, we understand that supporting one another through prayer can make it easier to navigate the challenges of life.

Prayers of thankfulness for gifts received, good health, healing, employment and more can be shared. As well as joys experienced, celebrated, and supported.

As we come out of the pandemic, prayer can help us work through the stress and loss we have experienced due to COVID as we take steps toward a return to a more “normal” way of living.

We believe in the power of prayer and see it as a way to make our requests known to God. When we do that, it brings us closer to our Lord and Savior.