Jesse Lee Church is currently recruiting for two open positions:

Church Office Manager &

Assistant Building & Grounds Custodian.

See below for more information about the jobs and guidelines about how to apply.


Church Office Manager

Job Description:

The position of Church Office Manager is a 12 month salaried, full-time position reporting to and directed by the Senior Pastor (SP). All employment oversight is by the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC). The main responsibilities can be categorized as keeping the Church office coverage and operations ready to support all types of spiritual sessions and missions and to provide daily staff presence on-campus.

We are seeking a responsible, proactive disciple of Christ to manage the daily operations of our church and to be the welcoming face of Jesse Lee. This position requires onsite weekday presence in the Church Office with occasional flexibility for personal time off and limited work from home.

The Office Manager is responsible for the efficient operation of the church office, including the coordination of all clerical activities and facilities operations. The Office Manager maintains a professional relationship with the pastor, staff, congregation, mission leaders, and church/community and manages collection and retention/filing of all documents related to church operations including items such as room rental
contracts, equipment leases, insurance certificates, safe sanctuary agreements, background checks, etc.

The Office Manager will keep in strict confidence information acquired through the duties of this position which may be personal in nature to church members and/or staff. The ideal candidate is welcoming, generous, efficient, detail-oriented, with good listening and professional skills.

Church Office Manager Responsibilities:

  • Daily collection and distribution of mail and email
  • Maintain and update church website, directory, and attendance records
  • Prepare Annual Conference Reports
  • Manage Church Calendar and room reservations
  • Order all office supplies/cleaning supplies/materials as requested
  • Ensure office equipment is in working order and regularly maintained
  • Handle church communications and publications: create, distribute, or oversee
    bulletins and newsletters while working with Church Marketing Professional
  • Coordinate with Church Council, Board of Trustees and Sextons regarding church
    facility maintenance and security operations
  • Assist with scheduling of meetings, rental of church equipment, and use of
    church facilities by mission groups and community organizations, and enforce
    contract terms regarding church policies for facility use
  • Build and maintain relationships with the congregation and community
    Greet and assist visitors to the church campus and office
  • Answer telephone, manage voicemail and respond to messages as appropriate
  • Record all the setup notes in Elexio for all room use reservations
  • Set the thermostats for all buildings (can do remotely) in advance of all meeting
    start times, reset at meeting end times
  • Manage the electronic door locks (lock/unlock) at appropriate times for all
    entrances on the campus (can do remotely)
  • Update the data in ELEXIO for church members and mission leaders, for facility
    descriptions, room reservations, etc.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings

Minimum Requirements:

  • Supportive of the mission and goals of Jesse Lee UMC
  • Familiarity of working in a faith-based organization
  • Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher
  • Ability to learn use of WordPress for posting website updates
  • Ability to learn use of graphics software used to produce church publications
  • Ability to learn to create ProPresenter scripts for presentation of scripture
    readings and hymn lyrics on video screens during church services

Church Manager Requirements:

  • An associate’s degree in business, office management, or related field
  • Two years office or administrative experience
  • Excellent communication, listening, and interpersonal skills
  • Strong computer skills and ability to operate office equipment
  • Ability to problem solve and multi-task
  • Ability to keep confidential and sensitive information
  • A commitment to standing as a moral and upstanding representative of the
    church community

Core Competencies:

Interpersonal Skills: Demonstrate the ability to work well with others, use active
listening, and openly accept criticism and feedback. Interact in the spirit of love. Engage
people positively, with a demeanor of optimism and abundance.

Management Skills: Demonstrate commitment and flexibility, marshall resources to get
things done. Ability to be organized, self-directed, and to prioritize work while multitasking is required.

Team Orientation: Demonstrate interest, skill, and success in team environments;
accept support from others, offer self as a resource to others; understand and support
the importance of team work; share credit for success with others.

Commitment to Excellence: Take pride in work and strive for excellence, try innovative
ways to get things done, and consider situations from new perspectives.

Assistant Buildings & Grounds Custodian

Primary Goal:

Maintain the campus of Jesse Lee Memorial United Methodist Church (JLMUMC) so that it supports the mission and ministries of JLMUMC.

Job Objectives:

Support the spiritual needs of the church, its congregation, staff and visitors by providing a clean, safe and conducive environment for a variety of church programs (including, worship, Christian education, fellowship, musical programs and more), as well as, non-church programs utilizing the church facilities (including, but not limited to, the Jesse Lee Day School and civic groups).

Job Description:

The role of the Assistant Building & Grounds Custodian is a key member of the staff of JLMUMC. The person in this post is a part of a stewardship team consisting of other staff members, hired contractors, and church volunteers (including Trustees) that provide for the care of the JLMUMC campus buildings and grounds. The position reports to and is directed by the Senior Pastor (SP) and the Board of Trustees (BOT), represented by the Trustee Liaison to the Assistant Building and Grounds Custodian, for all job functions. (In the event that a church office manager is hired, the Assistant Custodian may report into that person. All employment oversight is by the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC). This is a full-time, full year (12 month) paid position and will require a minimum of 40 hours per week including some evenings and most weekends.

Job Responsibilities:


  • Clean the four primary buildings on a regular, or sometimes daily, basis:
    • This includes, but is not limited to, picking up and disposing of trash, regular dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, sanitizing surfaces and cleaning restrooms.
    • Periodically perform “deep cleaning” of facilities. This includes stripping and waxing floors, carpet cleaning, rail polishing, cleaning windows and more.
    • Regularly walk the campus– particularly after community events like Halloween and parades – and assess the conditions of the grounds and pick up any litter

–Program Support

  • Make sure lights, windows, air filters, and heat/air conditioning are adjusted for events (and turned off after events)
  • Set up/take down chairs and tables as needed for events
  • Clean prior to and following events

–Safety and Security

  • Clear (and sand as needed) all sidewalks and entrances of snow and ice and make sure there is always clean and clear access to all building entrances
  • Lock/unlock buildings at scheduled times
  • Monitor campus activity and report any suspicious activity to local authorities
  • In conjunction with the BOT and staff, perform periodic tests of fire alarms/systems and ensure all exits are clear and in working order
  • Test AED devices and restock first aid kits


  • Visually inspect interior and exterior of church properties and alert trustees of items requiring special attention/maintenance
    Perform simple repairs and maintenance such as replacing light bulbs and touch up painting
  • Supervise any external contractors engaged to perform work on the campus and provide tools and assistance. Report any issues to the BOT
  • Monitor and request the ordering of supplies directly related to the job function (such as cleaning supplies) as well as make sure restrooms are adequately stocked each day

–Welcoming Nature

  • Engage with visitors to the campus to make them feel welcome
  • Offer to direct visitors to the person or facility they seek

–Participation in Staff Meetings as directed

In the event that JLMUMC hires and employs more than one Buildings & Grounds Custodian, these job responsibilities will be shared.
A detailed task list will be provided to the person(s) chosen for the role and it will indicate specifically what needs to be done on any given day. This task list may be updated/revised as programs change. The SP and the BOT are responsible for communicating any special needs or changes to the task list. All equipment and supplies needed to complete the work of the Sexton will be provided by the church.

Tasks Not Assigned to the Sexton:

Unless agreed to separately, there are campus maintenance-related tasks that the Assistant Building & Grounds Custodian will not be required to perform. These include:

  • Lawn care
  • Leaf raking and maintenance of the grounds
  • Snow plowing of the driveways and parking lots
  • Significant painting, carpentry or repair work
  • Electrical or plumbing work
  • Washing of dishes or kitchen cleanup from events
  • Cleaning of nursery equipment
  • Cleaning of staff desks and supply closets used by Sunday School or Jesse Lee Day School

Candidate Requirements:

  • Observant, respectful, motivated, trustworthy, honest and conscientious
  • Ability to work independently and without supervision and able to prioritize the daily work to meet the needs of the church. Ability to also work well with others
  • No degree is required but must have at least 2 years custodial experience and an understanding of cleaning techniques and safety procedures
  • Must be familiar with custodial equipment (e.g. hand and small power tools, ladders, floor buffers, vacuums, carpet cleaners, etc.)
  • Must possess strong communication, comprehension, and interpersonal skills and be able to receive direction and communicate in English
  • Flexibility to adjust schedule to suit the needs of the churchBe in good physical health: ability to stand, walk, sit, stoop, kneel, climb, lift, and carry in order to perform the physically demanding tasks associated with the job
  • Must pass a background check and drug screening


Performance will be evaluated no less than annually, and will include a review of the completion of assigned tasks as well as overall contribution toward the stewardship of the JLMUMC campus.