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May 14 is Matching Sunday for Jesse Lee Legacy Fund Gifts.

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What is a Legacy Fund?

We may think that economic issues are outside the realm of Christianity, but economic life is an important part of Christian living. In the New Testament, Jesus counsels about money more than any other topic besides the kingdom of God. In many of his parables he speaks to money’s proper use, its dangers, and the good it can do in furthering the kingdom of God.

Jesse Lee Memorial United Methodist Church (JLMUMC) has established an enduring gifts endowment program known as THE JESSE LEE LEGACY FUND (JLLF) to ensure that the economic health of JLMUMC is sufficient to carry out our mission for generations to come.
That mission is to advance our core values of celebrating relationships in worship, witnessing God’s love in service, offering learning opportunities, caring for others and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. By supporting this program, our mission and core values, we can ensure that this Christian Community thrives well into future generations.

Donor Tax Benefits

Giving to the JLLF is a testament to your faith and commitment to the church and its mission for your legacy to live well beyond your years.
Donations to the JLLF are tax deductible in most circumstances under current law**. Some donations have a greater value to you than others. For example:
Donations up to $100,000 from a traditional IRA when you are 70 1⁄2 or older are not taxable.
The value of corporate stock given
to a charity such as JLMUMC is
tax deductible at market value plus any gain is not recognized as taxable.
A tax deduction is allowed for a donation to a qualified charity of the value of property, real or personal.*
*Subject to JLMUMC Trustee approval. **Please consult a tax advisor.

How THE JLLF (Jesse Lee Legacy Fund) Works

In general, any person, trust or organization may contribute any amount to the JLLF, which will be invested in the fund accounts to be distributed to the church trustees at a guideline of 4% annually. The trustees, in consultation with the church council, will determine where these funds are most needed each year to fulfill the church’s mission.
Gifts in any amount may be donated to the general JLLF undesignated. If the funds are to be designated for a specific purpose there is a minimum amount that is required. If a designated gift is less than the minimum required for a designated purpose it can be placed in a gifts fund for the purpose designated and will be distributed for that purpose when required.
Donors may give cash, corporate stocks, proceeds from life insurance policies, bonds, Individual Retirement Account distributions, real property,* or any other valuable asset*.
Gifts may be given at any time or included in a trust or will to be donated to the church after the donor’s death. The fund cannot recommend attorneys or financial advisors but will supply a list of professionals as a convenience when requested
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Policy, Objectives, and Guidelines

Community Benefits

JLMUMC ministries reach far beyond our campus providing critical support and services in our town, country and even around the world. Giving to the JLLF furthers the reach and impact of ministries that include Stephen Ministry, Prayer and Healing, Dondo Orphanage, Spirit Builders, Appalachian Service Project (ASP), Committee of 12, Outreach, Worship for all ages, Older Adult Ministry, Youth and Children’s Ministry and our Music Ministry just to name some of them.
Our campus offers facilities for both church and community activities, including two Boy Scout Troops, Commuter Park and Ride, an outstanding Day School plus training and storage for Spirit Builders, ASP and the Boy Scouts.
A gift to the JLLF demonstrates your dedication to your church, your community and the future of our children and youth. Just as those who came before us pooled their resources to create what we have today, it is our turn to build on their gifts to create our legacy for the children of tomorrow.
For more information, contact the church office at 203-438-8791 or info@jesseleechurch.com.