An Interfaith-Faith Community Response to Gun Violence
in partnership with the National Gun Safety Alliance

As a result of the increase in gun violence and bloodshed continuing to flow throughout the United States, the faith communities across our land are officially responding to the victims family’s cries and protest signs which have been directed at us…they shout “More than Prayers – Do Something!” It feels like until now, our faith communities have done little to respond or continue to look away!

All faith and interfaith communities/denominations are invited to take part in this critical social justice action and to simply ask their congregants to lock up and safely store their guns. We CAN make a difference! Whereas this initiative began in the Christian community, it has quickly spread throughout the interfaith community, so we are expanding it to our diverse faith community’s worship days which also include Friday and Saturday on the weekend of June 24-26, 2022. In the Christian community, the focus will be during worship on Sunday, June 26th and other denominations are encouraged to recognize and speak on the need for gun safety during their services that weekend. We are teaming up with the National Gun Safety Alliance to spread the word and increase the lives that will be saved with this effort.

The campaign’s relevant tagline, “More Than Prayers-Do Something,” stems from protest signs carried and passionately displayed at gun violence demonstrations following both the Pulse Nightclub and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school massacres. The faith community’s message received and heard from the survivors and victim’s families is that they are seeking our help to halt these senseless murders and to save lives especially of our youth and children. It’s time that our faith communities do much more than pray and literally ‘do something!” If we don’t, who will? Do we hear their cries for help?

While the debate continues regarding the “right to bear arms,” and we are not entering that forum, innocent adults and children are being murdered and much harm can be prevented. Families are devastated and suffering. Our youth and children are being wounded and dying. Again, they cry out for our help. This gun-safety social justice action is not geared to ban firearms, it is solely to bring safety measures into place to save lives. It’s that simple.

ALL WE ASK IS “LOCK IT UP” with a gun-lock!

Some statistics:

  • 110 people die from gun violence each day
  • Two-thirds of all gun deaths are suicides
  • Over 50% of all teen suicides are committed with a gun from the home
  • Safe storage of guns can prevent suicide
  • Suicide by gun is a leading cause of death for Veterans and first responders
  • Guns and now the leading cause of death for children and teens
  • 5.4 million children live in the United States in homes with unlocked guns
  • In Florida, a child is shot, on average, every 17 hours
  • An unlocked gun at home increases risk of homicide by 2 times, suicide by 3 times, and domestic violence fatality by 5 times

Gun-lock safety WILL diminish these statistics and save lives. That’s a fact!

Join in with our nation’s faith communities and do something – Make a Difference!
Sponsoring this social justice action is the Florida Conference United Church of Christ. Let’s “Do Something” TOGETHER!